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With many years of computer experience, Mr. Joseph Megyeri has transitioned through the personal computer revolution. Starting first in the late 1970's with the advent of the APPLE II and IIe, which he used to add digital credits to his video projects in college. He then subsequently expanded his knowledge with CPM and DOS based equipment in the 1980's as well as the (now) famous Macintosh in 1985, and finely into the Intel based PC of today. In 1995 he trained himself in web programming (HTML) and shortly afterward graduated from MentorNet, a professional website design school in San Francisco, California.

Starting JFM.COM the following year, he began assisting small companies, radio personalities, travel agents, restaurants and other organizations develop their web presence through creative design and development. Since then he has designed scores of websites on his own, and has collaborated with web developers on many other sites. During these years he has used this forum to FREELANCE his skills and talents, and has often been hired to redesign websites and complete unfinished sites by others.

In addition to this, he also provides on-site software and hardware installation, personal and group Internet instruction and computer training. Recently contracted by Hewlett-Packard, he was asked to test their new computer systems for Y2K compliance, which assisted in minimizing any problems for the company. Mr. Megyeri has also been involved in many Internet and web related focus groups, his opinions and advise have been utilized by several Silicon Valley firms, (including: Alta Visa and Concentric) in developing new web products and Internet services.

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Through his consulting services, Mr. Megyeri has provided many small to medium companies with satisfactory advice and direction in achieving their goals on the web. In assisting his clients in their corporate web presence, and in providing viable solutions to e-commerce and marketing on the web, he has gained a reputation for reliability and professionalism. He relishes any opportunity to help others expand their knowledge of computers and the Internet, and his personal goal is to share with each client the benefits gained from past calibrations, providing the same level of dedication to small and large firms alike.

Recently, he has affiliated himself with NextDayPC.Com and now offers customized and pre-built computer systems, laptops, digital cameras, printers, scanners and other peripherals at very reasonable prices. With any purchase, he offers FREE installation and set-up within his local area (SF Bay Area only), and limited instruction (up to 2 hours per site/purchase) either by phone or in-person.

You can depend on Mr. Megyeri to provide reliable and professional services. He is dedicated to giving 100% to each client and prides himself on his creativity and artistry. There are many who provide similar services, but few can do it with the personal touch and devotion to excellence that he provides. Page Top

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