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In recent years we have turned our attention towards personal website design and development, assisting small to medium sized companies with quality site design and web presence implantation. In many cases, the first web presence our clients have had, but hopefully not the last.

JFM.COM is focused on developing your company's web presence, featuring a personal touch so often lacking in the industry today. Many companies simply use "cut and paste" programs to construct websites, but we provide "hand crafted" sites that allow us to deliver a more individualized product. We're not just another "teen shop" popping out websites overnight, with little or no regard for the client's long-term needs and desires, nor are we a giant corporate agency pushing clients into websites overloaded with "features", costing thousands to develop.

Friendly and courteous staff JFM.COM, in order to fulfill our development requirements, only utilize our small staff of associates when needed. This allows us to provide a standard of excellence that would normally cost much more at other design facilities or agencies. We can provide you with simple and effective websites that can offer interactivity, data storage and retrieval, information harvesting features, forms processing, shopping basket- e-commerce and more.

Over the years we have survived many "shake-out" periods, and continue to provide quality and professional websites to our many satisfied clients. We have spent thousands of hours honing our skills and we take great pride in our accomplishments, we virtually guarantee your satisfaction. Our team of talented and dynamic developers strive to build a web presence with the same enthusiasm that you have for your own company. We strive to capture your corporate personality and exemplify your firm's image.

Through its affiliation with NextDayPC.Com (since 2001), we can now also provide customized and pre-built computer systems, laptops, digital cameras, printers, scanners and other peripherals at very reasonable prices. With any purchase, we offer FREE installation and set-up within our local area (SF Bay Area only), and limited instruction (up to 2 hours per site/purchase) either by phone or in-person.

In assisting our clients with professional website presence and providing viable solutions to Internet and web related problems, we have gained a reputation of quality and reliability. We continue to set our standards very high, and our goal will always be to provide the very best service we can offer. We will not compromise our standards and provide inferior product to our clients, and your satisfaction is our highest priority- which we fully expect to satisfy.

With a background in journalism, photojournalism, photography, filmmaking and video production, our owner- J.F. Megyeri has managed to incorporate these skills and more, into all our website designs. As head designer, he oversees every project personally. With an eclectic array of personal experiences, he brings to the table a talented eye for professional and conservative web designs. Since founding the company in 1996, he has personally designed and constructed scores of websites himself and has collaborated with professional programmers and designers on many others.

JFM.COM offers the skills and temperament needed to interpret your thoughts and ideas into a viable website presence. We try to meet with each client and business owner to form a partnership in developing a functional web presence, and one that will reflect the focus and direction of your firm or organization. It sounds impossible sometimes, but we really do try to fulfill these goals and desires with each and every client.

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