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Finally! Some News...

I've been thinking for some time now about this page. It was originally supposed to provide news of interest to my visitors and clients. Well, due to an enormous lack of time and interest, (on my part) this just never occurred.

So then, I thought that news about the company, (JFM) would be the next best alternate idea, but we had little company news to share, so once again this never happened. But now has come the time to make an announcement, and this is the logical and finally the best place to place this bit of information for everyone to read.

JFM.COM is about to make some changes to the focus of its future services. I have decided to do less with more, (if you get my drift). Due to circumstances beyond my control, not to mention the incredible changes we've all gone through these past few months; I've decided to limit the number of new clients I can accept in the future. I will however continue to service my existing clientele to the best of my ability and will still be available for telephone conferencing and consulting.

I will also reduce the number and variety of current services provided. The future will bring the discontinuance of the "FREE" PC troubleshooting advice, and my "on-site" services, such as installations (both hardware and software). Also, our affiliation with Handtech will soon be discontinued as it is no longer profitable for this company to provide computer systems and other hardware to our clients.

This is all the information I have for now, but there may be some small additions in the near future, if this interests you. I hope I have provided a quality service to some of you, and hope you have in some small way gained from this site and/or my services. I thank all my clients and friends, (associates as well) and wish each and everyone of you the very best for the new year, 2002!

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