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Web Development! Website Development

Our design firm is dedicated to the development and implementation of professional websites that suit your product, business, or personal needs.

As a small company, we compete with larger firms in this technology by designing and providing personal quality services. By choosing the best tools for the job, utilizing the right software and hardware, keeping our costs in line and overhead down, we're able to pass the savings on to you in the form of lower costs. Our goal is to create an attractive, effective and dynamic website, which will distinguish your company from your competitors on the World Wide Web.

All websites start with HTML coding but can expand to include programming scripts such as CGI, ASP, Java and others. Before we build your website, we must first develop your needs and desires into a working plan, through our consulting services. A reasonable amount of this is offered with each package at no additional charge. This also goes for your content, like: text, artwork, logo and photographs. We utilize both hardware and software to convert you data to digital formats usable on the web.

Our job is to pull everything together, your ideas and our designs, your needs and our experiences, your corporate image and focus with our technical and creative skills. In the end, you will be pleased with the results of our collaboration, resulting in a functional, professional and dynamic website. A limited amount of time as included with each site package, exceeding this will result in additional charges. We include first-time search engine submissions with every job.Click for more info

Site Maintenance! Site Maintenance
In today's very competitive business environment, it is often not feasible to have you own full time webmaster on the payroll. Your website has already been designed and built and now only needs occasional up dating and refreshing.
This is where outsourcing your website maintenance to a firm like ours becomes very cost-effective. We pride ourselves on being trusted by our clients with very sensitive, private, and timely corporate information. We simply perform our services without disturbing any other vital data, then return your site (after updating), to its pervious state and appearance. Website maintenance is required to keep your site fresh and interesting to all your regular visitors. Unless you're a large firm, the best and most cost-effective solution to your occasional website needs is to let us do the work for you. All work is performed electronically, so we can maintain any website from our office no matter where your firm or website is located.Click for more info

Website Hosting Internet Hosting
Hosting is fundamental to every website. It's something you don't see or think about often, but it can play a very significant roll in a successful website. Hosting has become a fine art, and very inexpensive for what you get.
It is no longer feasible to host your own website, unless you're a very large firm with IT (Information Technology) professionals on staff and available 24 hours per day. Today, we rent hosting space as needed, paying only for what wee need. The rates are reasonable and the service very reliable. Our hosting services include email, auto responders, forwarders, email aliases, forms processing, CGI scripts, stats and logs, MIME, MySQL, FTP and Telnet connectivity, data storage, chat rooms and forums, PGP, FrontPage, shopping carts, counters, guest book and much, much more! In today's business environment you need a web hosting service that's on 24/7/365, with redundant back-up and 24 hour tech support, and that's exactly what we offer.Click for more info

Domain Name Acquisition Domain Acquisition
Top-level domain name acquisition is fundamental to every website. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the coordination body for all Internet names and numbers.
We make every effort to acquire the name that suits your needs and requirements. Often this can be as simple as registering your company name with a .com, .net. or .org behind it. But frequently it gets more involved, as your desired name may have already been registered by another person or firm. Today there are many more choices to the simple .com or .net websites, new top-level domains (TLD) include .biz, .info, .pro, .name, .coop, .aero, and .museum. Some TLDs are restricted in their use, such as .gov or .edu are only for government and educational institutions respectively. Our work is not complete until find the right name for your firm, acquire it, and register it for your use. Click for more info

Other Web Services! Other Services
Although website design and construction is our most significant service, we are often called upon for simple consultation services prior to website construction. We can also train your staff to access, set-up, and maintain your website from a designated computer.
Occasionally we're called to performed computer and software installations and/or troubleshooting, including corporate Internet and email account set-ups. We have, for our clients, installed new and used computers, connected and set-up Internet connections, and up-graded computer components and peripherals. Our specialty is to fix your software and OS problems and get your machine running smoothly again. Our firm and our associates have a broad range of skills and can perform a variety of professional services, with Internet programming and other web-based programming our specialty. Click for more info
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