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These websites are primarily for individuals, small groups and businesses, or organizations. The prices are extremely low for these sites because we keep the features to a minimum. These sites are predominantly static, with little or no interactivity. Although features such as forms processing, Java applets, animated art or other programming can be added, but these would add to the overall cost of the site. Click for more samples

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These sites are designed for firms and organizations needing more Internet or web features. Here we spend more time developing the site to reflect your corporate image and marketing needs. These sites generally have more interactivity, such as forms processing, data framing, Java applets, CGI scripts or even e-commerce features. All these items add value to and enhance the overall usefulness of the site.Click for more samples

Click for large view Shopkeeper
As the name implies the Shopkeeper is focused towards marketing and e-commerce. These sites are designed around doing business on the Internet and specifically, the World Wide Web, (WWW). Usually these sites have someway of selling products and collecting money, this is often referred to as a "Shopping Basket" or on-line purchasing system. This means that an Internet merchant account with your current bank or with an Internet banking services will be needed to process your on-line transactions. We then develop your home and product pages around the type of e-commerce service you have selected.Click for more samples

Click for large view Entrepreneurial
Last but not least, the Entrepreneurial is definitely for the corporate and professional client, and are built to endure much longer periods of time. Much time is spent building a robust site, one that can endure the thousands of visitors we expect to "hit" the site daily. These sites are almost always filled with "back-end features" that make full use of the Internet, including information gathering and processing. Also, CGI, ASP, Java and other programming is utilized for state-of-the-art interactivity and usability. Visitors to this site will also encounter a sophisticated layout with detailed graphics, color coordinated design, robust data gathering, all the while serving up useful and informative product or service information to your clients and visitors.Click for more samples
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